Lizzo covers Elle UK in Kim Kardashian’s caution-tape catsuit

Caution: curves ahead.

Lizzo is all wrapped up on the cover of Elle UK, posing for the magazine’s September issue in nothing but high-fashion caution tape branded by Balenciaga.

Kim Kardashian was famously the first to wear the luxury’s label’s taped-up creation, choosing the sticky style for Balenciaga’s fall 2022 show in March.

Like the Skims founder, who had trouble taking her front-row seat in the claustrophobic catsuit, Lizzo seemed to have some mobility issues, which she showed off in an Instagram video Wednesday.


“I have several questions,” one person commented on the post. “This just made me pee my pants a lil,” another said. A third joked, “This is what Spanx feel like on me.”

The “Truth Hurts” singer, 34, opened up to Elle UK about learning to love herself, then project her confidence to others and lead by example.

“There are millions of people going through what I’m going through, who don’t have an outlet, who don’t have a support system, who don’t have the financial freedom or access to certain things to feel better,” she said.

“I don’t want people to have to suffer like I do. If I can give somebody a cheat code, or if I can give somebody the recipe so they can make their own sauce, I’m gonna do it.”

Lizzo strikes a sticky pose for Elle UK.
Elle UK

She also discussed Yitty, her recently released shapewear line.

“More than any piece of clothing, shapewear can make people feel ways about their bodies and, most of the time, it’s bad. I want to revolutionize shapewear. I want to change how people think when they hear the word ‘snatched.’ I don’t want people to ever have to deal with a girdle again in their lives,” Lizzo said.

The singer hilariously attempted to dance to her hit song “About Damn Time” while all wrapped up.

While the mummy look may be worth a chuckle, it also could be the next big thing — shapewear underneath, or not.

And while no one can compare to Lizzo or Kardashian, anyone can craft their own Balenciaga onesie at home — assuming they’re willing to spend £300 for two rolls of tape.