Socialite Libbie Mugrabi says she ‘lost $500K worth of clothes, jewels in hotel heist’

New York socialite Libbie Mugrabi, who reportedly won a whopping $100 million in her 2020 divorce, allegedly took a fleecing last week in Ibiza.

Mugrabi was staying at a four-bedroom villa at Six Senses Ibiza when, she claims, her suite was burgled and thieves pinched some $500,000 worth of clothing and jewels.

From July 14, Mugrabi was on the Spanish island to shoot a lifestyle segment for German television channel RTL. On July 15, she reported her wallet missing to the hotel, although she said it was later found in her villa. Days afterwards, as she was packing to leave, she discovered she’d been robbed, she said.

“My entire jewelry box with $200,000 of jewelry, including pieces by Cartier, was gone,” Mugrabi, 42, told The Post. “I bought a ton of things at Balenciaga in Paris, including teeny tiny bikinis, and those things were all gone. They took $60,000 in personal belongings and one of my crocodile shoes. Worst of all, they stole two prototypes of my f–king diamond-hats … trucker hats with black-diamonds in them that I designed. They’re very hard to make. All told, I was robbed of half-a-million dollars worth of items. They even stole my dry cleaning. Every single thing with a name brand got stolen and was not returned.”

Mugrabi with a collection of hats she designed, some of which she says were nicked in the robbery.

The situation was made worse, Mugrabi said, because her assistant was not available to look after her belongings in the first place.

“My assistant jumped off a yacht in St. Tropez and broke his foot. He was in pain and the doctor came in to give him injections of tramadol, which is the European equivalent of morphine. I’m not sure you’re supposed to get it if you’re not in a hospital setting. But he was out of it as a result.”

Two days after she arrived in Ibiza, Mugrabi flew in her friend, the rapper and Barstool Sports content creator, Tiko Texas, for “female support,” but Tiko said she had problems of her own at the resort.

Inside a villa at Six Senses Ibiza, like the one Mugrabi stayed in, which cost $4,600 a night.
Six Senses Ibiza is a five-star hotel where Mugrabi stayed this month to film a TV segment.

“They didn’t believe that I was with Libbie, so they took my passport and my luggage. I fell to the floor and broke down in tears because it was my first time in Europe and I didn’t know if I would be stuck in Ibiza or not,” said Tiko, who was likely unaware that it is common for hotels in Europe to check or even hold on to passports. “I was having an anxiety attack.”

When Mugrabi discovered the robbery on July 20, she said she reported the incident to the front desk but a representative told her, “You’re mistaken.”

“I told them that bathing suits and trucker hats don’t have legs,” she said. “I asked them to call the police and they pretended to not understand me.”

At that point, Mugrabi said she wanted to file a police report and the cops were called.

After landing in Ibiza, Mugrabi flew in her friend Tiko Texas (above) for “female support.”
Mugrabi said staff at Six Senses refused to believe that she was robbed.

“The police came in and said, ‘Give us your passport right now,’” she said. “I said, ‘For what?’ The hotel manager said that when they ask for it you have to give it. I did because I was scared. I said I have to make a police report. They said that if I want to make it I have to go with them to the police station. I said, ‘I don’t want to do that. I’m good.’ I asked to have my passport back and they gave it back to me.”

David Arraya, a representative for Six Senses, where villas like the one Mugrabi stayed in go for $4,600 a night, told The Post, “The police were called as requested by Ms. Mugrabi to investigate. When the police arrived, as part of the process to conduct an investigation, they requested the guest’s passport. Ms Mugrabi handed her passport to the police as requested and then declined a formal investigation. The guest declined to proceed with a formal claim and checked out and departed the property.” 

Texas (right, with Mugrabi) said her pal’s ordeal “was the craziest sh-t I ever saw.”
Mugrabi relaxes in Ibiza, wearing one of her treasured hats, before she found that many of her things had gone missing.

Tiko Texas told The Post that tensions ran high during check out. “Libbie didn’t want to pay until she got her things back. Then the hotel called the cops,” she said. “That was the craziest sh-t I ever saw. I didn’t know millionaires went through that kind of sh-t.”

Mugrabi, who is a major donor to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashion in Motion program, ultimately paid her bill and has since jetted off to Cannes in the South of France.

After her ordeal in Ibiza, Mugrabi jetted to the South of France where she said she recently discovered $140,000 in fraudulent charges on her card.

Recently, she said she discovered $140,000 worth of fraudulent charges on her Chase Sapphire credit card, which was in her wallet when it went missing at the hotel. She said she has reported the charges to Chase.

Asked why she didn’t call the cops herself in Ibiza from the very start, she responded, “I don’t know how to call the police in Spain. You don’t just dial 911, do you?”