Margaret Josephs reveals she was invited to Teresa Giudice’s wedding after feud

She might not be a bridesmaid, but at least she snagged an invite.

Margaret Josephs revealed she’s received an invite from none other than her “Real Housewives of New Jersey” costar Teresa Giudice — a plot twist no one saw coming just months ago.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” show, Josephs told host Jeff Lewis she and Giudice are taking “baby steps” in repairing their friendship.

“I got invited to the wedding, so things are definitely better,” she said, appearing on the radio show alongside her mother Marge Sr.

“You know, it’s funny because Teresa and I, the last year we had a very tumultuous relationship. We were very close prior to that, so I think, you know, we’ve worked through some things.”

Josephs says she’s only ever “wanted good things for her” but says Giudice “didn’t realize that at first.”

“Things are a lot better and Joe [Benigno] and I are going to the wedding. She even invited Marge Sr., so things are a lot better.”

The pair infamously butted heads throughout the show, with Josephs famously calling Giudice a “sick, disgusting liar” in April’s preview of the show.

Giudice even shoved all the plates, drinks, and food in front of her onto her co-star.

The frenemies have been at odds all season ever since Josephs began questioning Ruelas about his past. Their relationship worsened after Josephs got Jennifer Aydin to reveal that her husband, Bill Aydin, had an affair. Giudice, who is closest with Aydin, resented her even more after that.

Teresa Giudice extended an olive branch to Margaret Josephs and invited her to her wedding.
Teresa Giudice extended an olive branch to Margaret Josephs and invited her to her wedding.
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During the most recent episode, Josephs claimed Giudice lets men walk all over her.

“She puts men on a pedestal, even men that treat her like s—t, she puts on a f—king pedestal,” Josephs told the other women.