Ben Higgins clarifies calling Nick Viall ‘opportunistic’

Ben Higgins admits he could have used a “better choice of words” to describe Nick Viall for the former “Bachelor” star’s New York Times profile.

“It was an hour-long interview and all of, like, honest feedback about Nick … maybe opportunistic didn’t come off [right],” Higgins, 33, exclusively told Page Six via Zoom, adding that he conducted the NYT interview awhile ago.

“But really what I meant by it was exactly the second part. Like, Nick works hard. He is somebody that will put his foot in the door.”

Higgins added that even when his pal knows an opportunity may not work out, Viall, 41, will still “make sure” to make the phone call – for both himself and his close friends.

“When times get really hard during this whole process, he’s the dude I call,” Higgins continued.

“He knows that, like, there’s not many I call. He’s one of maybe two or three that I’ll call, and be like, ‘Hey, am I crazy? Hey, am I doing something wrong?’”

Ben Higgins explained that when he called close friend Nick Viall “opportunistic,” he meant it in a positive way.

Higgins told Page Six that he even has Viall to thank for encouraging him to try out-of-the-box dating methods, outside of reality TV shows and dating apps.

He said Viall is the one who told him to start messaging people on Instagram, which is how he eventually linked up with his now-wife, Jessica Clarke.

Higgins thanked Viall for prompting him to use Instagram to date – which eventually led him to wife Jessica Clarke.

“So, you know, there could have been a lot better choice of words to describe that [part of his personality],” Higgins added, again referencing the NYT piece.

“But I really just meant he’s a hard worker, and he makes sure his foot in the door, which I personally find is admirable.”

“I really just meant he’s a hard worker,” Higgins explains.
Charley Gallay/E! Entertainment

Viall also acknowledged to Page Six that in a certain “light,” the word is “accurate” to describe him.

“I I think it’s important for everyone to take advantage of the opportunities given to them,” the Season 21 “Bachelor” lead explained.

”I’ve tried to take that to heart myself and use the access that the show has given me to work hard and to put in the work and try to make something of my own. And so I guess in that light, yeah, that would be accurate.”

The “Viall Files” podcast host is close pals with Higgins.
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Next up, Higgins and Viall will settle their “beef” over who was the better “Bachelor” in a heated cook-off hosted by Joel McHale on Tuesday’s episode of “Celebrity Beef” on E!

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