Mystikal to Be Held Without Bail on Battery, Rape and Robbery Charges Until Trial, Judge Rules: Report

During the Tuesday hearing, defense attorney Roy Maughan Jr. maintained the rapper's innocence regarding recent allegations of rape, robbery and battery

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Rapper Mystikal was denied bail by a Louisiana judge following his recent arrest on charges of first-degree rape, simple robbery and domestic abuse battery, The Advocate reported.

The 51-year-old New Orleans-based "Shake It Fast" performer's bail hearing occurred Tuesday, with State District Judge Steven Tureau ruling that the nature of Mystikal's alleged crime paired with his criminal past and the victim's fears made for a "clear and convincing" justification not to grant him bail.

During the hearing, defense attorney Roy Maughan Jr., who'd requested a $250,000 bond for his client, whose real name is Michael Tyler, maintained the rapper's innocence regarding the allegations of rape, robbery and battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and simple damage to property.

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"I just don't think that's in Mr. Tyler to do that," the attorney told reporters following the hearing. He claimed Mystikal has been in a relationship with the alleged victim for over two decades and noted that she hasn't previously accused him of any violence. "So, we need to contact promoters and we need to let them know that he's not going to be available and do our best to mitigate the damage from this."

While disappointed with the ruling, however, Maughan also said the rapper likely won't appeal the bond denial.

Mystikal was arrested last weekend after Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office (APSO) responded to a nearby hospital's report of a sexual assault survivor at around midnight the night before, according to a release from APSO.

The woman suffered minor injuries in the alleged attack, according to NBC News. In the Tuesday hearing, Sheriff's Detective Garrett Keith claimed under oath that the alleged victim entered Mystikal's Prairiesville, Louisiana, home on July 30 to have a conversation about a recent alleged business deal.

Mystikal.Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office

Then, Keith said, the woman alleged that "Tyler's behavior changed abruptly," as he then accused her of theft, took her keys, choked her and pulled her hair — before apologizing, "praying for her safety" and dowsing the woman with rubbing alcohol to rid her of "bad spirits."

The detective testified that she claimed the rapper then raped her, leaving injuries that a doctor determined matched her sexual assault claims.

Mystikal previously pleaded guilty to sexual battery and extortion in a 2003 deal after he was charged with aggravated rape. He was accused of coercing his hairstylist into engaging in sex acts with himself and two bodyguards.

The Tarantula artist was later sentenced to six years in federal prison, according to BBC News. He was released in 2010 and forced to register as a sex offender in Louisiana, Reuters reported.

Mystikal was also indicted in 2017 on separate rape and kidnapping charges and spent 18 months in jail before being released on a $3 million bond, according to the Associated Press. The charges against him were dropped after a second grand jury declined to bring an indictment, per the outlet.

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